Pete Rose To Place First Bet At Cincinnati Hard Rock Casino

  • Pete Rose is set to place the first table game wager at the Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati.
  • The grand opening will see Hard Rock replace Jack Casino in Cincinnati.

CINCINNATI – The Cincinnati Hard Rock Casino will see its grand opening on Friday, October 29 and special guest Pete Rose will be placing the first table game bet.

The Cincinnati Reds legend is notoriously known for a gambling scandal in the 1980s, where he was exposed for betting on his team’s games while acting as team manager.

Rose has been permanently ineligible from entering the MLB Hall of Fame despite his record-breaking career. With this move to join the festivities of the Hard Rock Casino launch, it appears Rose is still embracing his gambling pastime.

Pete Rose Meets The Hard Rock

The Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati will be replacing the Jack Casino brand and Rose has been brought on to promote the grand opening.

When doors open, Rose will place the first bet on a table game, but no official word has been released on what the wager will be or how much he will bet.

In addition to having Rose there, the grand opening will see Earth, Wind & Fire perform as well. This will be a major event that will see the likes of the Seminole Tribe of Florida in attendance.

“We know our Grand Opening will be a big hit with the Hit King Pete Rose and Earth, Wind & Fire here to celebrate with our guests,” said George Goldhoff, president of Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati.

The Same Old “Charlie Hustle”

Pete Rose, also known as “Charlie Hustle”, has been a big fixture in the gambling and sports betting world for years following his MLB retirement.

Rose has a partnership with sports betting pick service UpickTrade where fans can pay to see Rose’s baseball picks, as well as picks for other sporting events.

Rose is also launching a gambling podcast where he will be discussing betting and gambling topics regularly.

While being a legend in the Cincinnati community for his time on the field and being a continued supporter of gambling, Charlie Hustle is the perfect person to place the first bets at the new Hard Rock Casino.