Niners Super Bowl 56 Odds Drop After Season Rough Patch

  • The San Francisco 49ers have +10000 odds to win the Super Bowl.
  • The 49ers odds to win the Super Bowl opened at +1800.
  • In Week 9, the Niners SBLVI odds were +6600.

SAN FRANCISCO – Many had high hopes for the San Francisco 49ers going into the season as they opened up with +1800 odds to win the Super Bowl.

Fast track to Week 10 of the season, the Niners SBLVI odds on online gambling sites are suffering now more than ever.

Super Bowl 56 Odds

  • Buffalo Bills +600
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +600
  • Los Angeles Rams +750
  • Arizona Cardinals +800
  • Baltimore Ravens +1000
  • Green Bay Packers +1000
  • Kansas City Chiefs +1000
  • Dallas Cowboys +1100
  • Tennessee Titans +1200
  • Los Angeles Chargers +2200
  • New England Patriots +2500
  • Cleveland Browns +2800
  • Denver Broncos +4500
  • New Orleans Saints +4500
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +4500
  • Indianapolis Colts +5000
  • Las Vegas Raiders +5000
  • Cincinnati Bengals +8000
  • Minnesota Vikings +10000
  • San Francisco 49ers +10000

The Rise And Fall

The 49ers Super Bowl odds looked to offer great value after going 2-0 in their first two weeks of the season. However, since their 2-0 start, they have struggled immensely as they have gone 1-5 bringing their current season record to 3-5 through Week 9.

With that, their Super Bowl odds have tumbled every week. By Week 9, their Super Bowl odds were sitting at +6600 odds before dropping to +10000.

The 49ers are already coming off of an injury-riddled season in 2020-2021 that saw them finish with a 6-10 record. Fast forward to this season, they are dealing with just as many injuries.

Notable players have missed time on both sides of the ball including Jimmy Garoppolo, Raheem Mostert, George Kittle, and Trey Sermon on offense. On defense, Javon Kinlaw, Dee Ford, Dre Greenlaw, and Jimmie Ward have all missed games.

Also, the 49ers schedule does not get any easier from here on out as they have the 12th hardest schedule remaining this season with their remaining opponents combining for a 39-38 record. Some notable teams left on their schedule include the Los Angeles Rams, Cincinnati Bengals, and the Tennessee Titans.

All in all, with injuries continuing to pile up and their schedule less than favorable, their Super Bowl odds can be avoided at this point in the season.