Odds For Tim Tebow On An NFL Roster As Likely As Finding Aliens

  • Tim Tebow was cut from the Jacksonville Jaguars on Tuesday after his surprise signing.
  • Tebow has -10000 odds to not be on any NFL team roster by Week 1.
  • These are roughly the same odds as the odds of intelligent alien life being discovered on Earth per sportsbook bets listed.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Tim Tebow, who had been attempting an NFL comeback with the Jacksonville Jaguars as a tight end, was released on Tuesday.

It was a surprise to see him signed to a team in the first place and many chalked it up to his good relationship with his former college coach, Urban Meyer, who now coaches the Jaguars.

However, by the time of the first preseason game, it became clear that Tebow didn't belong on the Jaguars roster.

While this was a truly spectacular sequence of playing - from the awful block to spearing his own teammate when he got up - the real killer for Tebow was that he received zero snaps on special teams during the game.

Special teams is how players who might not make the roster as a starter on either end can still make a difference and find a place on the roster. It was a clear sign for Tebow that he was not an NFL-level talent athlete, at least at tight end anyway.

With the Jaguars now out of the picture, it does not appear likely that Tebow will find another way to get on an NFL roster for the 2021-2022 season.

Online sportsbooks have put remarkably long odds on this occurrence.

Will Tim Tebow Be On An NFL Roster For Week 1 Of The 2021-22 Regular Season?

  • Yes +2500
  • No -10000

For context, these odds are roughly equivalent to odds that the online sportsbook Bovada released last December about whether or not intelligent alien life would be discovered on Earth in 2021.

Will Intelligent Alien Life Be Confirmed By December 31st, 2021?

  • Yes +1400
  • No -10000

This seems to settle the question of whether or not Tim Tebow will be on an NFL roster when the season starts.

One entertaining aspect of comparing these two bets is that online gambling providers apparently felt the need to limit their liabilities less on the Tebow bet than they did on the alien life bet - implying a lower chance of those liabilities coming due.

If Tim Tebow is on a roster, bettors will get paid out at +2500 odds, while if alien life is discovered, bettors would only get paid out at +1400 odds.

So the question of Tim Tebow getting an NFL contract has a higher payout than the first contact of alien life forms and that says it all.