Jake Paul Has 10-1 Odds To Start His Boxing Career 10-0

Jake Paul

Jake Paul is 5-0 to start his boxing career. There are +1000 odds on Jake Paul starting his boxing career 10-0. LAS VEGAS – Jake Paul has certainly made some noise since jump-starting his boxing career as he has gone 5-0 in his first five fights. Some might argue that he has not yet gone … Read more

Odds For Tim Tebow On An NFL Roster As Likely As Finding Aliens

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow was cut from the Jacksonville Jaguars on Tuesday after his surprise signing. Tebow has -10000 odds to not be on any NFL team roster by Week 1. These are roughly the same odds as the odds of intelligent alien life being discovered on Earth per sportsbook bets listed. JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Tim Tebow, … Read more