Jake Paul Has 10-1 Odds To Start His Boxing Career 10-0

  • Jake Paul is 5-0 to start his boxing career.
  • There are +1000 odds on Jake Paul starting his boxing career 10-0.

LAS VEGASJake Paul has certainly made some noise since jump-starting his boxing career as he has gone 5-0 in his first five fights. Some might argue that he has not yet gone up against a professional boxer, however, he has won four of his five fights by knockout which has begun to open some eyes.

With Paul bringing the spotlight to the sport of boxing, online gambling sites have shined a light on Jake Paul. There are now odds on if Paul will start his boxing career at a 10-0 record.

Jake Paul To Start Boxing Career 10-0

  • Yes +1000

Picking And Choosing

Although Paul’s name has brought in tons of attention, there are some conspiracies surrounding the legitimacy of his fights.

Paul has been able to pick and choose all of his opponents for his fights meaning some think he chooses opponents far less skilled but also not in the same weight class.

He also makes them an offer that is hard for them to turn down. Looking at the last two UFC fighters he has fought, Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley, he offered them more than they would’ve made in any UFC fight.

Askren’s career earnings in the UFC are around $800,000. Paul paid Askren $500,000 for his fight. As for Woodley, being that he is a former champion, he’s made roughly $4.8 million in the UFC and made $2 million in just his last fight against Paul.

Something else is Paul’s partnership with Showtime Sports. The “Problem Child” has signed a multi-fight deal with Showtime and being that Paul already pays his fighters an incredible amount, it is hard not seeing him throw a bag in the direction on Showtime as well so that he can continue picking his opponents.

As long as Paul continues to choose his opponents, his boxing odds of starting 10-0 offers tremendous value, especially considering he usually opens up as a heavy favorite in his fights.