Online Gambling In Michigan Closer With New Draft Proposal

  • The Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) has put forth a new draft proposal for bringing legal online gambling to the state's legislation.
  • This is a sign that gambling is not far away from becoming a reality.
  • The draft proposal is now awaiting review and approval by the Regulatory Affairs Office.

LANSING, Mich.- Residents of the Wolverine State are getting closer to having regulated online gambling as a reality with a new draft proposal being presented by the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB)

The original version of the draft was composed back in May. This new updated version has been sent to the Regulatory Affairs Office and is awaiting review and approval.

If approved, Michigan will then be one step closer to providing regulate gambling both online and land-based to its residents.

Proposal For Online Gambling

While gambling in Michigan is already regulated with fully operated land-based locales, the Wolverine State has no in-state gambling websites on offer as of yet.

This new proposal is set to bring online gambling to all players in Michigan and officials are hopeful to have the online gambling market launch within the coming months.

According to the new draft, online gambling will run in a similar method that brick-and-mortar operations use.

Casinos will need to apply for an online license and pay any associated licensing fees, then when they are approved, a system will be implemented to geo-lock the online operation within Michigan, and finally, patrons will be able to sign up and partake in legal gambling.

This is standard practice in all markets with regulated USA online casinos. Michigan already has a strong gambling base so the transition should go smoothly.

There is currently no set date for when the draft proposal will be reviewed and possibly approved. However, with the coronavirus shutting down casinos for a large portion of the year, it would make sense for Michigan legislators to expedite USA online gambling to attempt to recoup some of the losses.