Paul George Partners With Chalkboard Betting App

  • Ted Mauze is the co-founder and CEO of the Chalkboard sports betting app.
  • Paul George has joined Chalkboard as an initial investor along with Baron Davis.

LOS ANGELESChalkboard is one of the fastest-growing sports betting media apps to date as they aim to be the primary discord for all things sports betting. Chalkboard acts as a place where sports bettors can not only track others bets along with their own but also a place where bettors can communicate with each other and talk about bets.

The idea for the app came to life in 2019 when founder, Ted Mauze, was a member of a group chat with friends in which they would track their bets across multiple online gambling sites and talk about betting in general.

Fast track to now, it is one of the leading sports betting media apps on the Apple app store with a 4.8-star rating and has gotten investments from NBA star, Paul George, and former Los Angeles Clippers guard, Baron Davis.

The two got in on the most recent investment round and each contributes $1.5 million.

One thing to know about George’s investment with Chalkboard is that they are not allowed to give advice or information on NBA betting being that he is a current player. However, that does not mean that George cannot be a part of NFL betting and information which is what he has been doing.

Comparing To Sleeper

Mauze recently stated that he intends for Chalkboard to be similar to Sleeper but for sports betting. Sleeper got off to a similar start that Chalkboard has as they have early investments from NBA stars such as Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson along with Baron Davis as well.

Sleeper has now grown into one of the biggest fantasy sports apps for fantasy players to use and if history repeats itself, Chalkboard could be on the same route.