Powerball Jackpot Grows, Nearing $300 Million To End 2021

  • Wednesday’s Powerball drawing revealed no winning ticket, extending the draw to Saturday.
  • The estimated jackpot now sits at $278 million with just under 36 hours until the next drawing.

LAS VEGAS – The Powerball jackpot is now estimated to be $278 million heading into the Saturday drawing.

The Prize Pool

After no winning ticket came from Wednesday’s Powerball drawing, the pot has soared up to $278 million, the largest it’s been in two months since the previous jackpot winner.

The winning numbers shown on Wednesday were 12, 15, 38, 57, 63 with the Red Powerball number showing up as 24.

Those looking to get involved with the lottery will need to do so before the drawing. There is just over one day remaining until the next drawing, giving everybody more than enough time to get a chance to win a life-changing amount of money.

The Odds Of Winning The Jackpot

The odds of winning the jackpot are reported to be 1 in 292.2 million, but it happens every few months to somebody. Of course, players can improve their odds by buying multiple tickets, but it’s still considered to be an incredibly unlikely feat to accomplish.

For gambling fans in the United States looking to play the Powerball, drawings happen on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday in 45 of the 50 states.