Pro Bowl 2023 Props: Flag Football and Skills Challenges

  • The AFC and NFC sport the same odds to win each of the three flag football games, which are a new addition to the NFL Pro Bowl.
  • The NFC is only favored to win the Gridiron Gauntlet and Move the Chains challenges at -135 each.
  • The AFC is only favored to win Kick-Tac-Toe at -135 odds led by Justin Tucker.

PARADISE, Nev. – The new slate of Pro Bowl challenges and games will debut this year between the AFC and NFC conferences. Among the new additions are 7-on-7 flag football games as well as group challenges, like a 10-yard wall pull or an obstacle course.

Online gambling sites have put out odds for each of these, but due to the new and recent nature of the challenges only a select few feature a favorite and underdog, particularly those where there is a clear positional advantage like Kick-Tac-Toe.

Kick-Tac-Toe Favors Justin Tucker

Starting off with Kick-Tac-Toe, which matches up the AFC’s Justin Tucker with the NFC’s Jason Myers, alongside the long-snappers and punters who will be holders. This is one of only a few challenges that do have a favorite, with the AFC at -135 vs the NFC’s -105 odds.

This should come as no surprise as Justin Tucker is the most accurate kicker in NFL history, being the only one with over a 90%+ career field goal percentage ever. Jason Myers is certainly not a slouch either, sporting an 85% career field goal percentage.

Tucker has even shown the ability to make clutch kicks with unreal precision, as he showed in his game winning field goal vs the Cincinnati Bengals, where his 43-yard kick went so dead center it would have gone in on a goalpost that was half a yard wide. At -135 odds, it would be wise for bettors to have trust in one of the most pinpoint accurate kickers to ever touch a football field.

Gridiron Gauntlet Features Youth Vs Veterans

In terms of the Gridiron Gauntlet obstacle course relay, the NFC is favored at -135 odds. This is mainly because of age difference, as the NFC players have an average age of 25.6, while the AFC’s average age is 29.2. This of course is a huge advantage in a competition about speed, agility, and strength.

Despite the age difference, these are still NFL athletes, some of the best in the world. Bettors may be smart to bet on the young spry talent in the NFC at -135 odds as opposed to the veterans, but do not be surprised if AFC players like Joel Bitonio and Myles Garrett show out in a big way against their younger counterparts and cash in for the -105 underdog AFC.

Flag Football Debuts in Pro Bowl

One of the newest addition this year is the 7-on-7 flag football games, of which three are going to be played. Online sportsbooks have given each team -120 odds to win each game, showing no favorites.

While there aren’t many indications as to who will win, seeing the rosters will help us narrow down who the most influential players will be. In flag football, speed and agility are among the most important traits, meaning AFC players like Tyreek Hill and Ja’Marr Chase will be much more valuable than strong power-based players like Nick Chubb or Derrick Henry.

The NFC does have a lot of speed as well though in Amon-Ra St. Brown and KaVontae Turpin, who both registered as high as 21 miles per hour on big plays during the regular season. Overall, the NFC may be in a better position to win given the youth on their squad as well as fast defensive players like Budda Baker, Trevon Diggs, or Fred Warner that will be able to keep up with AFC speedsters like Hill or Chase.

Regardless, the Pro Bowl flag football games will be a refreshing change of pace from previous years and we are sure to see some spectacular plays from some of the biggest and best playmakers in the NFL among all position groups. Bettors will find decent -120 odds to pick their favorites each game, as ultimately the talent on each side is too massive to choose an outright winner.