Common Interests Present Value for SB MVP Speech Props

  • Odds for who the Super Bowl MVP will mention first in his speech are now posted on sportsbooks.
  • When the Chiefs last won the Super Bowl, Mahomes mentioned his teammates (-135) first during the SBMVP speech.
  • Looking at recent speeches from both QBs will give a good idea as to what they might say, Hurts mentioned the fans and the city (+900) before his teammates after winning the NFC Championship.

GLENDALE Ariz. – Super Bowl LVII between the Philadelphia Eagles and the underdog Kansas City Chiefs has brought about many interesting and unique prop bets. One of these is who the Super Bowl MVP will mention first in his speech, including options like teammates, God or Jesus, the City, or the coach.

Online gambling sites have thus posted odds for various of these options and looking through past speeches may give us an idea of what the prospective MVPs will say.

Who are the most likely MVPs and what have they said?

Who will the Super Bowl MVP mention first in his speech? Odds:

  • Teammates -135
  • God or Jesus +150
  • City +900
  • Family or Family Members +1200
  • Coach +1500
  • Does Not Mention Any +1600
  • Owner +3000

Our first step in determining what the Super Bowl MVP will say is determining who is the most likely. In the last 10 Super Bowls, a QB was MVP six times, followed by two wide receivers and two linebackers.

In terms of odds the two heavy favorites are of course Jalen Hurts (+125) and Patrick Mahomes (+135). While there is a chance for someone like an Eagles defensive player to win it, they do not have as much publicity or recorded speeches postgame and remain longshots to win the award.

In his last Super Bowl win, Mahomes mentioned his teammates (-135) first, followed shortly after by giving coach Andy Reid his due credit. Despite this, Mahomes mentioned God (+150) first when winning the AFC Championship this year against the Cincinnati Bengals, citing healing from his ankle injury.

When the Eagles won the NFC Championship, Hurts first mentioned the city (+900), which could be a big value play considering how influential the fans and city of Philadelphia are to the Eagles. During the win over the Giants in the divisional round, Hurts mentioned his teammates first shortly before again mentioning the city.

From the limited information we have so far, it seems that longshot options will differ based on the quarterback. But, both do not seem to mention family (+1200) or the owner (+3000) very much, at least not as the first praise given. So, we can mostly rule out those two options along with not mentioning any (+1600), as it would be very unorthodox for not even teammates, God, a coach or a city to be mentioned at all.

If Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles come out on top, it would seem that the favorites would be God/Jesus as well as his teammates, since we know Hurts is a devout Christian and may emphasize his faith on the SBMVP stage. A nice longshot for an Eagles win is the city, which at +900 odds could be a huge profit point for bettors, especially given how influential and notorious Philadelphia fans have been over the years and Hurts’ praise for them in recent wins.

For the Chiefs and Mahomes on the other hand, it would be likely for him to mention his teammates or God first again, hence why they are both favorites on online sportsbooks. Mahomes and the Chiefs do not particularly live in a huge football city, so it seems more likely that the best longshot would be coach, which at +1500 odds could also cash in big for Andy Reid fans.

Overall, the most favorited and shared topic between the two QBs is God/Jesus and the teammates, at +135 odds for them to mention God first, there is some nice value due to each QBs strong faith and because it is the biggest commonality between both of them.