Will Any Super Bowl Records be Broken by Chiefs, Eagles?

  • The Chiefs/Eagles Super Bowl has +850 odds to see someone break the passing yards record of 505 yards.
  • There are +500 odds for the receiving yards record of 215 yards to be broken.
  • The receptions record of 14 catches has +650 odds to be broken.

LAS VEGAS - The Super Bowl featuring two incredibly elite teams in the form of the Kansas City Chiefs – helmed by the best quarterback in the NFL – and the Philadelphia Eagles – a run-first offense that still has two 1100+ yards WRs – naturally brings discussion of Super Bowl record to the table.

The following odds were taken from the online sportsbook Bovada, and may not be available at other sportsbooks.

Will The Super Bowl Combined Team Record Of 75 Points Be Broken?

  • Yes +700
  • No -1600

These teams are offensive powerhouses, there’s no doubt. That said, the O/U for the game is set at 50.5. It would take a huge deviation from the mean in order for the Super Bowl record to be broken here.

Note also that the Eagles are the number one passing defense in the NFL, and the Chiefs offense is heavily reliant on the pass, meaning that unless the Eagles defense breaks down entirely, this is unlikely to happen.

Will The Super Bowl Passing Record Of 505 Yards Be Broken?

  • Yes +850
  • No -2500

As before, the Eagles are the number one pass defense in the NFL. In addition, their offense is run-first, so if they get ahead, they’re going to be keeping the ball on the ground.

Still, if anyone can do this, it’s Patrick Mahomes. He’s not anywhere near this in terms of O/U, but he is as good as it gets when it comes to ridiculous numbers of passing yards.

Will The Super Bowl Receiving Record 215 Yards Be Broken?

  • Yes +500
  • No -900

It’s intriguing that this is the record that the online gambling markets believe is closest to being broken. +500 is far shorter odds than any of the other record-breaking wagers.

Will The Super Bowl Receptions Record Of 14 Catches Be Broken?

  • Yes +650
  • No -1400

What’s even more interesting is that Travis Kelce hit 14 catches only a few weeks ago! Kelce had 14 catches on 17 targets in the Divisional Round against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Despite this, the online sportsbooks seem to think that it’s actually more likely someone manages to break the receiving yards record rather than the receptions record.