Suspicious Tennis Betting Trends Continue As Do Investigations

  • Two Wimbledon matches are currently under investigation for match-fixing.
  • Last year, 77 incidences of match-fixing were reported by sportsbooks.
  • Due to the investigations being underway, no details have been released as to what matches may have been fixed.

LONDON – Match-fixing is becoming a common headline for tennis, as sportsbooks report suspicious wagering activities regarding the sport. Just like the outbreak of COVID-19, tennis is suffering from a bout of “Match-Fix 20” because 2020 is when it all began.

Although this is not something new for the sport, it’s happening much more often and causing the need for investigations, with some players being excluded from participating in events altogether.

What’s The Current News On Match-Fix 20?

So far, there are two Wimbledon matches that have been reported to the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA). The specifics go unspecified as the ITIA continues their investigations into the problems surrounding each case.

However, it has been released that one match was during a Men’s Doubles event where sportsbooks saw unusual patterns in betting that resulted in tremendous payouts.

The second investigation is being done on a single player representing Germany. The “exact score” and prop bets for the second match skyrocketed and both paid out tremendously.

It wasn’t something that would’ve been predicted as happening by retail and mobile sportsbooks which is one factor that makes it suspicious, not just the number of wagers placed on the bets, although that was deemed a red flag as well.

"It is important to note that an alert on its own is not evidence of match-fixing. Where analysis of a match alert does suggest corrupt activity, the ITIA conducts a full and confidential investigation," said a spokesperson for the ITIA.

Tennis player Yana Sizikowa was arrested in June for her actions that are said to have occurred at the French Open in 2020 for match-fixing.

She is presently unable to participate in any tennis match until her name has been cleared. The Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU) reported having 77 incidences of match-fixing submitted to them by sportsbooks in 2020 that led to six players being banned from playing the game that year.

What Does This Mean For Tennis Betting?

Tennis betting fans that participate in online gambling should take note of these investigations when wagering on matchups. This is not something that frequently happens, it has just been happening more frequently.

But it usually begins after the first set, which is something to keep in mind when betting on any tennis events, should a gambler be apprehensive going into the wager. Investigations into Wimbledon’s two matchups for match-fixing are still ongoing and so continues the virus known as “Match-Fix 20” for tennis.