Team USA Basketball Odds Finally Agreed Across Sportsbooks

  • Before exhibition play began, odds for Team USA ranged from -200 to -2000.
  • On Wednesday, betting odds ranged from -800 to -1600.
  • Now, books have cut the gap to a range of -400 to -600.

TOKYO – The betting odds for Olympic basketball have been a mess. There was seemingly no agreement on what the line should be between sportsbooks.

However, online betting sites may have finally reached their resting place.

Team USA has, unsurprisingly, been the betting favorite to win the gold medal at the 2021 Olympics since odds have been available.

The United States had consensus odds ranging in the -900 to -1000 area before exhibition play began. Odds ran as short as -2000 on certain sites, but MyBookie was the outlier having their odds set at a generous -200.

After The Losses To Nigeria and Australia

Team USA went on to have a historically bad two-game stretch, losing to both Nigeria and Australia. While this would surely result in live movement, the least expected sportsbook, MyBookie, was the only one to move in the opposite direction.

The odds from most sites dropped to a -800 to -1000 range, but MyBookie moved their lines from -200 to -1000. It’s fair to question whether -200 was an accurate line, but it’s even more confusing as to why the line shifted so drastically in the opposite way after losing two games.

After Beating Argentina

The United States ended their losing skid with a convincing 28-point win over Argentina. Online sportsbooks tended to keep their odds unchanged, except for, of course, MyBookie who rocketed their price on Team USA all the way to -1600.

Today’s Team USA Basketball Odds

Finally, it seems as if the lines are in a spot where movement will be minimal and less common. MyBookie is once again the biggest mover, dropping the odds from -1600 to -400 overnight.

However, this time their line is more on course with the rest of the books.

Team USA Betting Odds

  • MyBookie -400
  • BetOnline -600
  • Bovada -600

Whether the public agrees this is where the line should be is yet to be seen, but it seems as if there is finally some solidarity in Team USA’s Olympic basketball odds after what has been a whirlwind of a week.

USA’s First Olympic Game

The United States is set to start its Olympic run on July 25 against France. The USA are sizable favorites in the matchup, further reinforcing the sentiment that the team is deserving of the shortest odds in the field.

  • Moneyline: USA -1400
  • Moneyline: France +775
  • Spread: USA -15 -115
  • Total: O/U 180.0

Of the listed games on Bovada, this has the highest total of any game. Anyone betting on the Olympics should not only feel confident in the United States to win this game but the gold medal as well.