Elys Game Tech. Partners With Grand Central In DC

Elys Game Tech

Washington D.C. will soon have a new sportsbook option coming to them. The current sports betting scene is split between William Hill and GambetDC. This sportsbook will be attached to a bar – a sports betting bar. WASHINGTON D.C. – Elys Game Technology Corp. has partnered with Grand Central LLC to open a new sportsbook … Read more

Why Is GambetDC, DC’s Mobile Sportsbook Struggling So Much?


GambetDC was launched to the excitement of sports bettors in 2020 but has underperformed ever since. The online sportsbook in Washington, D.C. had a handle of just over $2 million in July. GambetDC is notorious for having lower payouts than other sportsbooks across the nation. WASHINGTON- Washington, D.C. introduced a sports betting app, GambetDC in … Read more

Washington D.C. Sees 29.6% Decrease In Sports Betting Handle

Washington DC Sportsbook

Washington D.C.’s sports betting handle declined 29.6% from March to April. D.C.’s market is uniquely dominated by retail sports betting. This discrepancy could be due to the way in which Gambet D.C. sets their odds. LAS VEGAS – While Washington D.C.’s sports betting handle declining from March to April was expected, the degree of decline … Read more