Elys Game Tech. Partners With Grand Central In DC

  • Washington D.C. will soon have a new sportsbook option coming to them.
  • The current sports betting scene is split between William Hill and GambetDC.
  • This sportsbook will be attached to a bar - a sports betting bar.

WASHINGTON D.C. - Elys Game Technology Corp. has partnered with Grand Central LLC to open a new sportsbook within the Grand Central Restaurant and Bar.

Washington D.C.’s sports betting scene is a unique one, with bettors having to choose between GambetDC, the lottery's online platform with a large vig, and the William Hill sportsbook at Capitol One Arena.

Sports bettors have tended to opt for the William Hill book, as GambetDC has seen remarkably low revenues for any online gambling platform.

Now, a new option for sports bettors in the D.C. area is set to exist as this partnership wants to expand into mobile betting as well, with an app coming in 2022.

Elys: First U.S. Sports Betting License

Executive Chairman of Elys, Michele Ciavarella, was overflowing with praise for this partnership and the opportunities it could bring.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be granted our first U.S. based sports wagering license and are looking forward to launching our Elys Gameboard U.S. platform at Grand Central Restaurant & Bar, in Washington, DC. We also wish to recognise Brian Vasile, his partners and staff who worked tirelessly with our engineering team housed within our group technology subsidiary, Odissea, and our U.S. operations team to achieve this significant accomplishment.”

Ciavarella also spoke of potential expansion, and of his belief that the basic model of a sports betting bar was something that could be brought to multiple states.

“For ages, sports events and championship games have been consumed and enjoyed the most in restaurants and bars, and we believe that the unique Class B classification established by the DC Office of Lottery and Gaming will pioneer an entirely new and exciting vertical where sports wagering could elevate the dining and gathering experience at bars and restaurants throughout North America,” said Ciavarella.

“We also believe that this model could be adopted across multiple states to support local and growing businesses and that Grand Central can become the quintessential model for operating a sportsbook within a business that is accessible by all fans of sports.”

Grand Central: Enhanced Experiences

Brian Vasile, the owner of Grand Central, focused on the experience that he views this partnership will bring to his customers.

“We have been a part of the vibrant Adams Morgan neighborhood since Grand Central opened in 2007,” Vasile said in a statement. “We are looking forward to offering our customers an extraordinary experience to wager on their favorite teams while enjoying our signature dishes and beverages for lunch, dinner or gathering for team events and special games or even just dropping in to place a wager.

Vasile’s statement continues:

“We are very honored to have been approved as the first Class B licensed operator by the DC Office of Lottery and Gaming and believe that our establishment will serve as a showcase example for this operational model and a key role in the economic growth of this rooted residential and commercial neighborhood, as well as the greater DC area.”

The partnership seems logical for both parties but what will be interesting to see is the effect it has on the greater D.C. sports betting scene.

With the options in D.C. being fairly limited so far, partnerships like this could be a good way to bring sports betting to places that people are, as opposed to them having to either travel to Capitol One Arena or use GambetDC.

Fans of online gambling should keep an eye on this situation - sports betting bars could be the wave of the future in The District - and elsewhere in the future.