Odds Say Oregon Will Remain Only State With Legal ‘Shrooms

Magic Mushrooms

Oregon is currently the only state in which Psilocybin is legalized. There are -350 odds on the UNDER 1.5 states with it legalized at the end of 2022. PORTLAND, Ore. – There is currently only one state in which Psilocybin is legal and the odds suggest that won’t change until at least 2023. Will Another … Read more

Oregon Horse Racing Terminals Delay Results In Legal Petition

Oregon Horse Racing

Travis Boersma wants to have machines to bet on old horse races at his new venue. Governor Kate Brown doesn’t want to intervene, but has requested to be consulted. SALEM, Ore. – A legal petition was filed against the Oregon Racing Commission on Tuesday by backers of TMB Racing over delays for gambling machine licenses. … Read more