TransUnion Enters US Sports Betting Market As ID Verification Service

  • TransUnion, a major credit reporting agency, is moving into the online gambling world.
  • They aim to provide better sportsbook protections to consumers, and better identity validation to sportsbooks.
  • This could impact bettors who like to use bonuses to guarantee profit.

LAS VEGAS - Online sportsbooks are still new to many bettors in the US, and there are obvious security concerns with providing payment information to sportsbooks.

Given this situation, it’s not a surprise to see movement in the security sector of online sports betting.

TransUnion, a major security company and credit reporting agency, is entering the US sportsbook market on the security side.

They’ve announced that a subsidiary, TransUnion Gaming Enterprises, will be entering the market with “the intention of providing identity, fraud and marketing solutions to operators across several states.”

One specific aspect of online sportsbooks that TransUnion addressed in their statement is bonus abuse, the practice that players have of taking advantage of bonuses in such a way as to guarantee profit.

It seems as though TransUnion is looking to provide security solutions to players while also increasing profit margins for sportsbooks via identity verification programs.

Specifically, they aim to use TruValidate, an identity verification program that they tout as their “flagship identity proofing, risk-based authentication and fraud analytics solution suite” in order to verify identities of customers at online sportsbooks.

Steve Chaouki, President of U.S. Markets at TransUnion, issued the following statement as part of their press release.

“TransUnion will bring its long international history in the gaming markets to the U.S., where we will leverage our expertise to provide great experiences to both players and businesses,” said Chaouki. “As trusted stewards of data, consumer privacy and experience quality are always top of mind. We will deliver capabilities and solutions that allow our customers to more seamlessly comply with regulations while delivering high consumer satisfaction.”

Glen Goldstein, TransUnion’s Diversified Markets EVP and President of TransUnion Gaming Services, boiled TransUnion’s goals in the US online gambling market down to a sentence:

“Ultimately, our entrance into the U.S. market will afford more trustworthy relationships between operators and their players.”