Maxim Magazine To Launch Mobile Sports Betting Skin

  • Popular men’s entertainment magazine Maxim will look to expand into the sports betting world through a new partnership with the Carousel Group.
  • will be the new sports betting and online casino mobile platform launched for Android and iOS.

NEW YORK – A new player has entered the realm of the online sports betting and online gambling world.

Popular entertainment and men’s lifestyle magazine Maxim has announced a new deal with the Carousel Group that will see the famous brand launch their own sports betting and online gambling skin.

The plan is for Maxim to launch a mobile platform known as that will be available on both Android and iOS systems.

The Carousel Group is an industry-leading iGaming company that has established itself through many mediums, most notably

Carousel recently reached a deal with Caesars Entertainment that will bring their sports betting platform into three additional states, expanding from just Colorado where they are located currently. The new deal could see Carousel, and potentially Maxim, come to Indiana, Iowa, and New Jersey.

This makes Carousel the perfect platform to launch the Maxim brand and bring the company into the forefront of online gaming.

Currently, Carousel is leading a $50 Million fundraising effort that will be used to launch MaximBet into their states with online sports betting and online gambling.

This move is just another in a wave of many popular brands looking to create their own foothold on the rapidly expanding sports betting market.

With more and more states legalizing the practice, the industry continues to explode around the USA. It is only a matter of time it seems before sports betting is fully integrated into everyday life, much like casino gaming is in some locations.

The UK has long had state-supported and regulated sports betting systems, and it is hard to watch any British sporting event without seeing copious ads for different betting platforms.

Maxim will look to use its reader base full of sports-loving fans to create this same effect and accumulate business through its strong brand name.