UK Based Super Group Seeking Entry In US Gambling Market

  • Super Group is looking to bring its Betway products to the US.
  • The UK-based operator is partnering with Sports Entertainment Acquisition Corp.

Super Group is seeking the acquisition of Digital Gaming Corporation to gain market access in Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – The US gambling market may see a new operator in the coming months as Betway's parent company Super Group is partnering with Sports Entertainment Acquisition Corp.

The partnership would see the company go public, and lead to the acquisition of Digital Gaming Corporation. Should the acquisition be approved, Betway would automatically gain market access to Digital Gaming Corporation markets including Colorado, Indiana, Iowa New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Super Group is a UK-based sports betting entity that is known for its online sportsbooks and online casino operations. With the ever-growing success of the USA online gambling market, Super Group finds now to be the perfect time to enter.

Betway In The US

The partnership between Super Group and Sports Entertainment will allow the company to be traded on the US stock exchange, instantly leading to funds to acquire Digital Gaming Corporation.

While the deal has not yet been set, the goal is to gain immediate access to the markets that Digital Gaming Corporation products are able to operate in.

“We have established our group as a truly global, scaled and profitable digital gaming business, delivering on our vision to bring first-class entertainment to the worldwide betting and gaming community,” said Neal Menashe, Super Group's CEO. “This listing will position us strongly to capitalize on the significant global growth opportunities ahead ‒ including in the U.S. market.”

Both the online sportsbook and online casino markets in the US have seen constant growth over the years.

In markets like New Jersey in particular there has been a boom in online gambling presence, especially with the launching of regulated sports betting in the market.

Betway is well established in the UK for both its online casinos and online sports betting operations and will hopefully see similar success should it launch in the US.

The partnership between Super Group and Sports Entertainment Acquisition has not yet been completed, but both entities seem to be on the same page and are working towards finalizing the deal.

Eventually, Betway may be a new player in the USA online gambling sphere.