Standouts For Betting On The 2021-2022 College Football Playoffs

  • Georgia has -1000 odds to make the college football playoffs.
  • Iowa has +230 odds to make the playoffs.
  • Cincinnati’s odds to make the playoffs are +160.
  • Oklahoma has -150 odds to make the college football playoffs.

LAS VEGAS – The college football playoff selection is slated to begin on November 2 with the final selection happening on December 5. Currently, the four teams that are ranked in the playoff picture are Georgia, Iowa, Cincinnati, and Oklahoma in that order.

Online betting sites currently have odds for which teams will make the playoffs and Georgia is almost a sure lock at -1000 odds and their undefeated 6-0 record this season.

Odds To Make CFP

  • Georgia -1000
  • Oklahoma -150
  • Alabama -140
  • Ohio State +120
  • Cincinnati +160
  • Iowa +230
  • Michigan +260
  • Oregon +750

No.1 Georgia

The Bulldogs College Football Playoff odds can and should be considered the lock of the season based on how they have played so far. The Bulldogs have gone undefeated and also have the best defense in the country, only allowing just 5.5 PPG. They have taken down two Top-10 teams already in No.3 Clemson and No.8 Arkansas. With six games left on their schedule and four of them being at home and against unranked opponents, the Bulldogs simply have to walk their way into the postseason.

No.2 Iowa

Iowa is more than deserving of a playoff spot and has the wins to prove that which makes their odds one of the best values. Iowa has two Top-10 wins that include a 23-20-win over No.4 Penn State, who average upwards of 28 PPG this season. The Hawkeyes currently have the fourth-best defense in the country, allowing 13 points per game. Already with a Top-4 ranked win under their belt, they have proven that they match up well with any team that has a chance to make the playoffs and their +230 odds could add plenty of units to any bankroll.

No.3 Cincinnati

Cincinnati opened up the season ranked No. 8 in the country and has been steadily climbing ever since. Ranked in the top four, they are the team on the thinnest ice based on their conference alone. Aside from beating No.9 Notre Dame, they have not played any other ranked team this season and might not get the chance to with their conference-mate, No.23 SMU, on the brink of falling out. No.5 Alabama and No.6 Ohio State are on the outside looking in with tremendously harder schedules, making Cincinnati a probable case of being on their way out.

No.4 Oklahoma

The Sooners are another team that people should take caution betting on. While they are 6-0 so far this season, they have seen four wins come within seven points or less over unranked opponents and also barely won against No.21 Texas. The Sooners are also in the middle of a quarterback crisis as early Heisman favorite, Spencer Rattler, was benched for his poor play to start the season, leaving freshmen Caleb William to start. With just one more opportunity awaiting against a ranked opponent to prove their worthiness, their odds could be in danger, leaving a team with longer odds to sneak in.

Honorable Mentions

The only other two teams that have legitimate chances of making the playoffs are the two teams that were in the National Championship game last season, No.5 Alabama and No.6 Ohio State. First off, Alabama has made the playoffs in six of the last seven seasons and has won the National Championship three times since then. With the SEC being the toughest conference in all of college football, Alabama has the strength on their schedule to make their case, but also the talent to win too.

As for the Buckeyes, they are in a prime position to make the playoffs as they have three games remaining on their schedule against Top-10 teams in Penn State, Michigan, and Michigan State. If they can win out their season and continue playing at a high level, their road to the playoffs might be easier than many might think.