Can Cristiano Ronaldo Keep Up His Excellence In England?

  • Cristiano Ronaldo is returning to Manchester United.
  • The 36 year old legend is a real threat to win the Premier League Golden Boot.
  • Ronaldo has -150 odds to finish with more Premier League goals than Harry Kane.

MANCHESTER, U.K. - Cristiano Ronaldo has returned to Manchester, and not, as many feared, wearing the sky blue of Manchester City.

Ronaldo will instead be wearing the red of Manchester United, his former club, after they placed a bid for the former Juventus and Real Madrid forward.

Ronaldo is certainly the highest profile player in the Premier League at the moment, and the version of the athlete three years ago would unquestionably be the best player in the League today.

However, the current Ronaldo might not be the same player - let’s take a look at his odds on the online sportsbooks.

Cristiano Ronaldo Premier League Season Goal Total Odds

  • Cristiano Ronaldo EPL Season Total Goals - 20 Or Fewer EVEN
  • Cristiano Ronaldo EPL Season Total Goals - 21 To 23 +325
  • Cristiano Ronaldo EPL Season Total Goals - 24 To 26 +450

Ronaldo has been quite solid in Serie A with Juventus, scoring 29 goals last season and 31 goals the season before that - numbers that would likely easily pace the Premier League.

On the other hand, the Premier League season has already begun and Ronaldo has not suited up for Manchester United just yet.

Ronaldo is expected to make his debut in mid-September, as Manchester United takes on Newcastle on September 11.

If this happens, he will have missed three games of the Premier League season and will need to perform admirably in order to cover these bets in the remaining time left on the schedule.

Ronaldo is still expected to be up near the top end of Premier League goal scorers, as can be seen when he is compared to other potential top scorers in the league.

Cristiano Ronaldo Goals Odds Compared To Other Top Players

  • Cristiano Ronaldo To Score More 21/22 Premier League Goals Than Harry Kane -150
  • Cristiano Ronaldo To Score More 21/22 Premier League Goals Than Mohamed Salah -110
  • Cristiano Ronaldo To Score More 21/22 Premier League Goals Than Romelu Lukaku +110

Of these three players, it’s Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku who has the best shot at taking the crown from Ronaldo with his three game head start.

However, he’s only scored one goal with his head start, so Ronaldo is very much within striking distance.

In 2020-2021, the PL top scorer was Harry Kane with 23 goals. If Ronaldo can match Kane, Salah, and Lukaku, he’s well inside the conversation to lead the league in goals this season and cover these wagers.

It should be an intriguing watch for fans of online gambling, as one of the best players of all time returns to Premier League action.