Can Cristiano Ronaldo Keep Up His Excellence In England?

Cristiano Ronaldo is returning to Manchester United. The 36 year old legend is a real threat to win the Premier League Golden Boot. Ronaldo has -150 odds to finish with more Premier League goals than Harry Kane. MANCHESTER, U.K. – Cristiano Ronaldo has returned to Manchester, and not, as many feared, wearing the sky blue … Read more

Is It Coming Home? England Vs. Italy Euro Final Betting Preview

harry kane

England have +155 odds to defeat Italy on the three way moneyline. On the spread, they’re favored by -0.0 (-130), a slim margin. England’s matchup against Italy could yield their first major trophy in decades. LONDON – “It’s coming home, It’s coming home, It’s coming, Football’s coming home.” The lyrics to “Three Lions” have taken on … Read more

The Best Euro Soccer Props For These Top Players

Ronaldo – Kevin De Bruyne – Kylian Mbappe - Harry Kane

Specialty props bets are available for top players in Euro 2020, like Ronaldo to be the leading goalscorer of the tournament for -140 odds. Other props include Kevin De Bruyne to score at least one goal for even odds, and Kylian Mbappe to assist one or more goals for +110. LONDON – The European Championships … Read more