Charlie Woods Odds Show Promising Career In PGA

  • Charlie Woods has +800 odds to win a major before the age of 25.
  • He has +5000 odds to win a major before the age of 20.
  • Woods is a +10000 longshot to win The Masters before turning 20.

LAS VEGAS - Charlie Woods and his father, Tiger Woods, took the course together for an event a few weeks ago, and since then many prop betting odds have appeared for Charlie’s future.

Charlie Woods to Win A PGA Tour Event

Although he is just 12-years-old, Woods already is being projected to win PGA Tour events at some point in his lifetime. As a matter of fact, online gambling sites have odds available for when exactly he wins his first event.

Charlie Woods Age When 1st PGA Tour Win Odds

  • 23 Or Over +110
  • 18 Or Under +350
  • 19 +500
  • 20 +500
  • 21 +500
  • 22 +200

While odds like this are fun to look at and talk about, when it comes to actually putting money on them, it’s probably smart to bet against Woods. It’s reported that Woods ranks 135th in the boys’ ages 11-13 division on the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour, showing he may not be the golfing prodigy he’s hyped to be.

Will Charlie Woods Win A PGA Tour Event Before Turning 20?

  • Yes +300

Sportsbooks noticeably aren’t offering odds on the other side of the line, likely because they’re confident it’s the winning side. The same can be said for many of Woods’ prop betting odds, especially the ones that need him to win before turning a certain age.

Charlie Woods To Win A Major

Not only is it unlikely that Woods wins a major at the PGA Tour level, but it’s even less likely when putting a time limit on the bet as so many of his listed props do.

Will Charlie Woods Win A Major Before Turning 20?

  • Yes +5000

Also, golf betting sites are allowing bettors to get even more specific by choosing which major Woods may win.

Charlie Woods Odds To Win Event Before Turning 20

  • Masters +10000
  • US Open +12500
  • PGA Championship +12500
  • British Open +12500

No golfer has won a major before turning 20 in the Modern era and actually, nobody has done so before turning 21. Charlie’s father, Tiger, is the youngest Modern era winner at the age of 21 years, 3 months and 14 days. As the 136th-ranked player in his age group, it’s tough to see Woods becoming the youngest major winner since 1912 at the PGA level.

Maybe the craziest line of all of them is Woods’ odds to win an Olympic gold medal before turning 20. Logistically it’s tougher as there will only be two Olympics before he hits the age limit, but the odds suggest it’s much more likely than some of the others.

Will Charlie Woods Win An Olympic Gold Before Turning 20

  • Yes +5000

For as great as it is to see the Woods’ family name live on in the world of golf, there’s got to be a place to draw the line, for most it should be at the betting window.