Late April 2022 Lottery News Round Up

  • Florida Publix pays out $1 million in the scratch-off ticket.
  • $20,000 was won off of the Tennessee Lottery.
  • The Connecticut Powerball paid out $100k as the jackpot rises.

PENSACOLA, Fla. – April 2022 has been nothing shy of exciting for lottery around the country as many have claimed prizes worth millions. The winnings have come through the Powerball, scratch-off tickets, and other sorts of lottery games.

Florida Man Claims $1 Million At Pensacola Publix

At a Publix Supermarket store in Pensacola, Florida, a man won a $1 million jackpot off of the $50 500x scratch-off game. The winning ticket was sold at the Publix on Nine Mile Road at Pine Forest Road which serves as a legal gambling operator in the state.

The man opted to take his winnings in a lump sum of $820k. In reward for selling the winning ticket, that Publix store will receive a $2,000 bonus.

Tennessee Lottery Cashes Out $20,000

In the Tennessee lottery, a lotto player walked away with a winning Powerball ticket worth $20,429. The ticket was sold at the Tri City Wholesale Tobacco lotto retailer in Jonesborough.

The winning ticket has yet to be claimed from the store in Jonesborough. From the moment that the ticket was sold, the winner has 180 days to step forward and claim their winnings.

Powerball Prize Rises as $100k Is Paid Out In Connecticut

Moving on to Connecticut, while no one claimed the jackpot in the Powerball, there was one lucky winner that walked away with a $100,000 prize for matching four of the lotto numbers and the Powerball number which was 10.

As a result of no one being able to hit all of the numbers and the Powerball, the grand prize has climbed to a whopping $454 million.

The Powerball prize has been rising since the last prize was won on February 14. This is also the second time in this Powerball that the winning number has been 10.