MA Considers iLottery Legalization, PA iLottery Has $1M Winner

  • Massachusetts is considering legalizing an iLottery platform as well as other internet gambling for its 2021 budget proposal.
  • The Coronavirus Pandemic has caused financial losses everywhere and states like Pennsylvania that have an iLottery are still able to maintain a revenue stream from that industry while on lockdown.

BOSTON – Massachusetts is considering legalizing an iLottery platform after taking huge financial losses due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania is a shining example of what an iLottery could do for the economy in times like these as they just had a $1M Mega Millions winner with their platform.

As states nationwide have shut down, gamblers have had less access to purchasing lottery tickets which have caused a loss in profits for states receiving revenue from participation in the ticket and scratch-off games.

An iLottery In Massachusetts

States like Pennsylvania that have an iLottery system in place are not being as affected by the Coronavirus in their gambling markets because residents have the ability to continue playing while being quarantined at home.

This is something that Massachusetts is looking into.

Not only is having internet and mobile platform for the lottery profitable in times like these, but they also remain so even when the world has opened up again. People enjoy the convenience of it.

The Bay State saw a $22.5 million loss in revenue for the month of April when compared to April 2020’s numbers.

They raked in a net profit of $71.6 million.

While that doesn’t seem like a huge loss, all things considered, it definitely hurt the economy more by having to take it. Allowing for an iLottery system would almost ensure that profits would remain the same if not spike for those times when gamblers need to stay at home.

But there has been plenty of opposition in Massachusetts when it comes to legalizing an online lottery application.

One-fifth of all lottery revenue in the Commonwealth is equally distributed to cities throughout the Bay State. This would be huge for an added influx of profits with an iLottery outlet after trying to come back from a Coronavirus Pandemic lockdown.

Governor Charlie Baker is backing the idea of online gambling legalization for Massachusetts that would include an iLottery.

However, this does not sit well with retail locations that sell lottery tickets and scratch-offs. They believe that allowing for internet purchases will greatly diminish their businesses’ income.