Why Poker Isn’t Returning To Massachusetts Casinos

No Poker

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission lifted poker restrictions in May. Poker rooms in major casinos have not reopened, however. The Gaming Commission will check in on this problem in the coming months, but has taken no action yet. BOSTON – During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission allowed local casinos to replace poker areas in … Read more

Could DraftKings Be Accepting Bitcoin Deposits Soon?

Bitcoin - DraftKings

During a Q&A with fans, DraftKings CEO Jason Robins expressed his interest in accepting Bitcoin as a deposit method. Robins states that state regulators determine what currency can and cannot be accepted. Wyoming has regulations for sportsbooks accepting cryptocurrencies. BOSTON – DraftKings CEO Jason Robins was recently doing a Q&A with fans via Public.com and … Read more

DraftKings Expands Jackpot Offering, Acquires BlueRibbon

DraftKings has acquired BlueRibon

DraftKings has acquired Blue Ribbon Software’s BlueRibbon jackpot functionality. This will allow for personalized jackpot promotions and rewards. This is an expansion of the DraftKings Casino products. BOSTON – Players who use DraftKings’ online casino operations will soon see an expansion on the casino jackpot offerings after DraftKings adds Blue Ribbon Software’s technology to its … Read more