BetOnline Has Best Zelenskyy Time’s Person of the Year Odds

Volodymyr Zelenskyy is the favorite to win the 2023 Time’s Person of the Year award for a second year in a row. However, Bovada Sportsbook lists him at -600 and BetOnline Sportsbook has +200 odds for the Ukrainian President. Line shopping Zelenskyy’s odds across different online gambling sites allows bettors to find the best value … Read more

Race to Space: U.S. Favored to Land on Moon Before China

Moon Robot

There are -700 odds for the United States to land on the moon before China. The last manned U.S. moon mission was Apollo 17 in 1972. China has never sent a manned mission to the moon. WASHINGTON D.C. – Talks about a mission to the moon have been heating up in recent years, specifically between … Read more