Tiger Woods Progress Noted In Champions Tour Odds

  • Tiger Woods has +110 odds to beat Bubba Watson.
  • Woods has +140 odds to beat Henrick Stenson.
  • Tiger Woods has +1000 odds to win the PNC Championship.

ORLANDO, Fla. – The PNC Championship is quickly approaching on Saturday and there is no doubt that all eyes are going to be on Tiger Woods as he takes the course for the first time in 10 months.

In Woods’s first two pairings, he will go up against both Bubba Watson and Henrick Stenson. Online gambling sites have Woods going into both matchups with slight underdog odds.

Tiger Woods Vs. Bubba Watson

  • Bubba Watson -145
  • Tiger Woods +110

Tiger Woods Vs. Henrick Stenson

  • Henrick Stenson -175
  • Tiger Woods +140

The fact that Woods is an underdog to both Watson and Stenson should come as a surprise being that he sits ahead of both of them on the PNC odds board with +1000 odds.

Both Watson and Stenson sit with +1200 odds to win.

In Woods’ third matchup of the day, he and his son Charlie will go up against Justin and Mike Thomas in what is expected to be an intense matchup. One thing to note is that Mike Thomas, Justin’s father, could not hold back on how Woods has looked since returning to action.

“It's crazy how good he's hitting it and how far he's hitting, for what he's been through,”said Mike Thomas.

Justin Thomas also chimed in with his excitement on not just Woods’s return, but also facing off against him.

“My excitement level is high just for him being out here and being somewhere other than his house and getting to see a lot of familiar faces—In terms of competing, I think his expectations are very low. But at the same time, he is who he is for a reason, so I'm sure he'll be pissed off if he doesn't play well,” said Justin.

Overall, Woods’ is a competitive freak and there is no way that his competitiveness does not come out in this one. That makes this a great opportunity to get in on Tiger Woods golf odds that are a rarely this long.