Two Millionaires And $100k Prize Won In Early April Lotteries

  • A $1 million prize was won in the New York Powerball.
  • A Massachusetts man won $1 million on an instant pay-off ticket.
  • A Virginia woman nearly threw away her $110k lotto prize.

NEW YORK – Lottery winners have been on roll in early April as two millionaire winners have been crowned. There was also a close call on a lottery winner who almost tossed her ticket in the garbage.

$1 Million Powerball Winner Crowned In Staten Island

In the heart of Staten Island at the Metro Mart NY lottery operator in the Staten Island Mall, a man won a $1 million prize on the Powerball. His winning numbers were 11, 29, 30, 47, 53, and the Powerball number was 16.

The winner opted to take home the lump sum of the prize which came out to $612,240.

This is not the first instance of a Staten Island lottery winner as more than $32 million was paid out in the 2021 lottery in Staten Island.

Massachusetts Man Takes Lump Sum Of Million Dollar Prize

Moving on to Danvers, Massachusetts, a lotto player purchased the legal gambling game “$4,000,000 Brilliant Titanium” at a 7-Eleven convenience store and won $1 million. The man decided to take his winning as a lump sum of $650,000 all at once.

As for the 7-Eleven, they have also been rewarded $10,000 just for selling the winning ticket.

Virginia Lottery Winner Nearly Throws Out Winning Ticket

In what could have been a catastrophic moment for a Virginia woman, she nearly threw away a $110k winning lottery ticket. The woman and her husband played the $2 Cash 5 EZ Match game and came to the realization that her ticket was owed $110k.

Panic rose through before she claimed her prize as her husband accidentally threw out the ticket causing both of them to search through their garbage and eventually find the ticket.

Overall, the woman and her husband reclaimed the ticket and cashed out their $110k grand prize.