Will Antonio Brown Step Into The Ring With Jake Paul?

  • Antonio Brown has +210 odds to beat Jake Paul in a boxing match.
  • There are +250 odds on Jake Paul to box Antonio Brown.

LAS VEGAS – In what seems to be becoming normal in the boxing world, Jake Paul is seeing boxing odds once again, however, this time they are featuring Antonio Brown.

Antonio Brown might’ve played his last NFL game in Week 17 of the 2021-22 season after getting in an argument with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers coaching staff and storming off the field in the middle of the game. With that said, Brown could be looking into new ventures to make money and boxing could be one of them.

Following Brown’s outbreak on the field, online gambling sites have odds listed for a boxing match between Brown and Jake Paul in which Paul is heavily favored.

Jake Paul Vs. Antonio Brown: Boxing Odds

  • Jake Paul -320
  • Antonio Brown +210

It should be no surprise that Jake Paul is favored to win. Although he has yet to fight a real professional boxer, he has still gained plenty of boxing experience over his five fights. Not to mention, he is also being professionally trained by former boxer, BJ Flores.

Antonio Brown, on the other hand, has never had a professional boxing fight. However, Brown has been rumored to the boxing world once before in a potential fight with the other Paul brother, Logan.

In simplest terms, with no experience at all, if this fight were to happen, Brown could end up like the rest of Paul’s opponents - facedown on the mat.

Will They Actually Fight?

Will Jake Paul Fight Antonio Brown In 2022?

  • No -400
  • Yes +250

There are arguments to be made on both sides of these boxing gambing lines.

Jake Paul’s boxing career could be on the line when his next opponent is announced. Paul has gotten a ton of criticism on his boxing career being that he has not fought a boxer yet. With so much doubt going his way, he could look to bypass AB and finally fight a real boxer.

On the other side of the line, with Antonio Brown likely out of the NFL, he could look to the boxing world as a new source of income.

On Friday, Brown went on the Nelk Boys FullSend Podcast and sounded off on Logan Paul and his boxing career. This could be considered a stretch, but Jake Paul could jump to his brothers defense and step in the ring with Brown.

“You know Logan Paul wanted to fight me—I started off Logan Paul’s boxing career, he used me for the promo for Impaulsive,” said Brown at 48:15 mark of the FullSend Podcast.

Overall, both Brown and the Paul brothers are not shy at all when it comes to talking trash so if Brown were to continue to run his mouth, something could come of this.