Daniel Negreanu Opts-In, Will Compete Polk Despite $770K Hole

  • Daniel Negreanu has announced he will finish his match vs. Doug Polk.
  • Negreanu was down $770,000 at one point.
  • While Negreanu began on top, Doug Polk has ran a tear through the previous rounds of their head to head poker matchup.

LAS VEGAS – The grudge match between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk will continue despite Negreanu being in the hole for over $770,000.

The star poker player announced to the world that he will forego his opt-out option and finish the event. Polk and Negreanu have gone back and forth with beating each other, making this match a big one.

The USA online poker tournament will see Negreanu fight back to hopefully pull the upset against his now rival Polk. Negreanu has a tough battle ahead, as online poker is where Doug Polk thrives.

Negreanu Continues The Fight

While Negreanu managed to beat Polk in the opening 200 hands, Polk managed to have a dominating victory over Daniel in session three.

Now the pair are looking for the tiebreaker, but Polk is sitting with the upper hand, and Polk has a long fight ahead of him to dig out of the $770,000 hole he is in.

Polk is a three-time World Series Of Poker (WSOP) winner and has garnered more than $9 million in tournament prizes. Negreanu on the other hand is more known for being a live multi-tournament player.

This is why it makes sense that Polk is heavily favored to win the tournament. Despite this, Negreanu decided the wave his opt-out option and continue competing.

Per the rules of the tournament, the losing player is allowed to quit at the halfway point of the tournament. Negreanu continuing to complete shows his spirit as a professional poker player and gained admiration from his rival in Polk.


So far, Negreanu has managed to gain $27,000 back in the matchup this past Monday. He will have to have several good hands in order to close the massive gap between him and Polk.

While the results of the tournament have yet to be decided, the USA online gambling scene is locked in for this major matchup.

Could Negreanu pull the upset? Or is the gap between him and Polk too big? Only time will tell.